Air Filter Shootout - Will The "Tater Salad" Bowl Win?

These Engine Masters videos continue to dig into all types of scenarios testing one kind of mechanical component against another to determine the best choice overall. That might not seem very important to everyone, but after researching the best combination of internal parts, camshaft profile, intake manifold and exhaust, poor choices can rob up to a third of available power.
To date we've learned the best type of cooling fan to use, how much power is sacrificed using exhaust manifolds vs. headers, the benefits of an H or X pipe in the exhaust system, the impact of installing a multi-carb intake manifold and if upgrading to a 3" exhaust is really worth the extra cost. (Alert - you can find links to them in the Archive). 
It's likely choosing an air cleaner for your project is one of the last items on the list and while looks may influence your final decision, why spend hundreds of dollars buying and testing various combinations when you can now do all that for free.

In this episode, the Engine Masters Team tests 19 combinations of air cleaners to help guide your choice. So grab the popcorn and place your bets!

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