Jay Leno and WHO? You're kidding, RIGHT?

Like many of you, we started watching shows like "Pimp My Ride" and "Inside West Coast Customs" because at one point they were all that was available to satisfy our car show cravings. 

Unfortunately, the staged antics featuring a staff treated rather poorly, the portrayal of every project being behind schedule and a slap together philosophy drove us away long before the show was cancelled. It also left us with a less than positive impression of Ryan Friedlinghaus and the business itself.

So when the following video showed up, we were rather skeptical. After watching, it changed our perspective of both West Coast Customs and Mr. Friedlinghaus. Why, because Jay Leno has a firmly established reputation of no BS and a "do it right or don't do it at all" attitude. Therefore, if the "show business" version of WCC and it's owner were an accurate reflection of both, Jay probably wouldn't get within an arms length of either. 

It reminded us of when Dorothy and crew were at the gates of the Emerald City requesting an audience with The Wizard of Oz, but were inaccurately prejudged.

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