Thanks to Apple, "We're Back"

The Apple Store at Avalon - Source-Apple
As a regular visitor to our blog, you may have noticed our editorial production "went dark" about a week ago. And as all posts have to go through me before they get to you, there wasn't anything new. What occurred was is in the middle of a normal business day, and much to the disbelief it was actually happening, my workhorse Macbook Pro "self destructed" without any warning.
One second everything was perfect, in the next my screen became animated with an erratic array of moving images, followed by a blank gray screen. Rebooting did little more than confirm "Somethin' strange is a happenin' here. What it is ain't exactly clear". (Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth - Feb. 10, 1969

Not wanting to waste any time, I immediately called to arrange a visit to the "Genius Bar" at the new Apple Store at Avalon. The person assisting me by phone attempted to uncover issues that might be a "simple" fix, but nothing we tried worked. So we set up an appointment to have my machine reviewed, in store. Unfortunately, the news and resulting choices that day were not great, so I decided to "sleep on it" before doing anything further.

In an effort to stay current with all I could,  I dragged out my Macbook G4 (from the Jurassic Period of computing- circa 2001) the next morning. It quickly reminded me how far the technology we now take for granted has advanced. Nearly a full ten minutes of start-up time, launching the browser took "forever" and each web page took minutes to load.

I was on my second cup of coffee before I was finally able to begin reviewing email. Unexpectedly, there was one from the Apple Store at Avalon. Based on the content, management had become aware of my plight and was extending an offer to assist me. 

Yes, I've been an Apple customer for many years and purchased a numerous quantity of Apple items during that time, but I was completely blown away a company of such massive size took the time to review my situation with a sincere desire to help.

Customer care is a rather nebulous term. Everyone promises it, but "when the rubber hits the road" (gotta keep in mind we're a Classic Car site) results can vary. It's also a lot like insurance, you don't really know how important it is until you need it. 

Have you ever read one of the numerous articles about Apple's exceptional care for their customers? If not, they describe the achievement as an entirely different ball game, where magic happens. Saying that's what materialized in my case is an understatement.

Thinking over my experience, Apple's approach to customer care is so entirely different and done with such excellence it's often difficult to perceive. As an example, there are many "high end" stores one might visit. They all promise and make a sincere effort to offer exceptional service. But if you take a moment to look around the next time you visit, you'll most likely see employees over there and customers over here. When you go to an Apple store, each associate is with a customer, a hands on, face-to-face, we're here to help effort. Even if you haven't yet become a customer, it's an entirely different approach. Are you starting to "see" the picture?

While it did take a few days to iron out all the details, I can assure you no stone was left unturned and the effort resulted in what I would have to consider a textbook perfect solution. So...

To the Apple Avalon Management, Store Staff and unknown Apple Corporate Associates et al, 

Saying thank you for your efforts still seems rather unsubstantial. I hope this story about your exceptional level of Customer Care and the Avalon staff helps to convey my sincere appreciation for your assistance. 

P.S-You guys ROCK!

Best Regards,
The Garagistry Editorial Staff 

If you are thinking of replacing your computer, smartphone or other similar product, please consider visiting your local Apple store. We believe you will not be disappointed, especially if you ever have a problem.