"It's Only Original Once"

We've promoted this concept numerous times and it's based on the input of many experts. We started with Garagistry Adviser David Burroughs, who discussed the importance of "Putting Down The Spray Paint" and the difference between preservation and restoration. Later we reviewed the "Automotive Hippocratic Oath" of do no harm and later expanded upon the details while visiting The Simeone Museum and our meeting with Dr. Fred Simeone.

We followed up with an article focused on the importance of being a caretaker of a Collector Car vs. simple ownership and the fact "No One Really Owns a Classic"Bryan Shook and David Burroughs both contributed to a variety of articles discussing the importance of documenting each Classic to support quality, interest, monetary and historical values.

We have continued to promote all of these concepts to every owner. Garagistry provides you, the Classic car owner or Collector, a private, secure and foolproof system to manage these details. It provides all Classic owners with a dedicated management system developed to enable you to leverage all changing trends and the best practices of dedicated Collectors.

This story caught our eye. It encompasses each of these concepts into a single story and connects the car, the people, the reason and the emotional importance of caring for a true Collector car. We hope you enjoy.