Hagerty Reports on the ONLY Index to Increase For 2017


The AFFORDABLE CLASSICS index is the only one of
Hagerty’s seven primary indices to gain in value for 2017
"The Affordable Classic continued to push this group to an all-time high. Furthermore, our Affordable Classics index hasn’t decreased in value since September 2011.

As much as anything, all of this emphasizes that market infatuation has shifted away from expensive cars and settled on affordable options. 

This isn’t to say that wealthy buyers are sitting on the sidelines, however. In truth, more buyers are joining the mainstream and finding fun options at entry-level prices. For some, these cars fit the budget. For others, these cars offer much less risk."

  • Hagerty’s 1950s American Index was unchanged this period
  • The Hagerty Blue Chip Index leveled out this period following a 1% slide from September to January. There were still more downs than ups among this index’s component cars, though, with price reductions spread across American, Italian, and German cars.
  • Hagerty’s Index of British Cars recorded its biggest drop this period since September 2009
  • Hagerty’s Ferrari Index lost 2% over the past four months, and although the number itself isn’t immense, it is newsworthy because this fall was the largest decline this group has seen in nearly eight years.
  • Hagerty’s Index of Collectible German cars, once the hottest segment in the market, recorded its fourth consecutive decline, again, down 5% year over year.
  • Hagerty’s Muscle Car Index netted no gain this period, though three-year returns are still impressive