Today is National "READ A ROAD MAP DAY"

When Was The Last Time You Used a Road Map?

Over time we drivers have moved from road guides and marker posts, to detailed and constantly updated road maps, then online mapping sites with driving instructions to our current navigation helpers involving GPS systems and similar smartphone apps.
Gone are the days of assembling a group of maps to help define road trips or any other type of driving to find stores, places of interest, the locations of your clients or a short cut to Grandma's house.
And yes while these driving assistants are super convenient, they've also "dumbed us down". We follow strict instructions, turn-by-turn, without really knowing exactly what would happen if we went straight at the light to the next intersection.
Chances are you don't even own a road map, so we've assembled a list of past articles about maps, driving and road trips. Hope you enjoy!

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