Sad Turn of Events - McDorman Collection Heads to Auction

In July of 2014, we posted an article covering the grand opening of the Bob McDorman Automotive Museum.  Who is Bob McDorman? At this point it's who was Bob McDorman. 

Let's roll back the clock of history. McDorman was a well known and highly successful Chevrolet dealer for over 50 years. He was an avid Corvette enthusiast of 62 years, an inductee to The Corvette Hall of Fame and owned an expansive collection of Classic vehicles. Until the construction of the museum the collection was stored within a variety of buildings located behind the dealership.
His dream was to build a museum for the collection as a way to share his passion and success with the general public. Sadly, Bob passed away about a year and a half after the opening of the museum. In December of 2016, spokespersons for the museum communicated the museum would close at the end of the year.
McDorman Collection Headed to Auction
Simultaneous to the announcement of the closing of the museum, was the collection including all of the memorabilia would be heading to auction. After reviewing the vehicle listing on the Mecum site, it appears the auction will only include a portion of both the cars and 700 pieces of memorabilia. Which leaves us wondering what will or has happened to the remainder of the cars, signs and other parts of the collection. 

Only time will tell. Until more news is available, happy motoring.