"Hidden" Car Collections

To date, we've had the opportunity to visit and report on a handful of hidden or somewhat hidden Classic car collections, including the Wellborn Collection, the Hemi Hideout, the Ponder Collection, the Martin Collection and the Simeone Foundation Collection.
Something that is always intriguing is how do these collections remain "under wraps", especially the ones that are in "your own backyard"? It's hard to say exactly why, but based on our experience meeting various similar collectors, they have little value in "flaunting" their collections. They just become known over time. In some cases their notoriety remains localized, while others are known across much broader geographic boundaries.
We stumbled upon another Collection hidden away in the country on a 100+ acre facility, the Ron Green Collection. Green has been a Collector for many years. He is also an amateur race car driver and sits on the Advisory Board of The Atlanta Concourse d'Elegance. We were excited to locate a video of the Collection to share with you. Stay tuned for an update...

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