American LaFrance et Ferrari

Stories Set Value & Interest More Than New Paint

A point we've been preaching for years.

This is the story of two unique Classics owned by Gary Briggs. A story that would have remained hidden until discovered by accident.

The content includes numerous points regarding the restoration and modifications of the Ferrari. But not for a single picture of the engine would we learn the transplanted engine is topped with a tri-power induction system. 

When we saw it, we were hoping there would have been more discussion on how well it works, the way power is developed in a linear fashion and other such points, but alas no such details. Maybe in the next story...


There literally millions of Classic cars tucked away in garages of all kinds and spanning the entire world. Each has a unique fingerprint of parts and stories. But for the most part these unique attributes are never recorded and remain obscure snippets of history rarely shared with others, sometimes not even the next owner.

Every once in a while, one of these stories is discovered and shared with a large audience. When that happens, the Classic's provenance is set in time and can never be reversed or erased, And when that occurs both interest and value are increased. This is one of those stories.  

It's time you take advantage of your Classic's stories and history, even if it seems rather ordinary. It's time to collect all the documents, photos and other records, that go along with the stories to create a permanent vehicle dossier. Something that can be passed along to the next generation in the Family or a passionate new owner.  That's why we created Garagistry®, so you can begin "Preserving Automotive History...One Car at a Time"®, starting with your own Classic. Click here to learn more.