No Fault vs. Your Fault

This "interesting" video showed up on the web accompanied by lots of finger-pointing and opinions. Maybe you've seen it already, maybe you haven't. We had to watch it several times to really get a solid understanding and develop a "fair-sense" of what happened.

Watch the video for yourself, then scroll down to view a few of our observations. Feel free to place your thoughts in the comments below (just no accusations, please)

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  • According to all published accounts we reviewed, the driver had Autopilot engaged.
  • The first thing we failed to notice were the required orange road signs indicating a construction-related lane change ahead. After a second play, they are clearly visible at the start and again at the -:27 in the timeline. At the -:26 mark, the road sign reflects a 45 MPH speed limit. The sign at the -:21 mark appears to be blank.
  • The second play also revealed the driver of the Jeep slowed down, leaving the RH lane clear.
  • The third play revealed three things at the -:09 mark:
  1. The far left solid yellow lane stripe (reflecting the LH edge of the usable road surface runs directly under the barrier.
  2. The white pick-up ahead of the Tesla blocks the view of the road.
  3. At 45 MPH, the temporary dashed lane markers appear about one (1) second ahead of the barrier. At 45 MPH a vehicle will travel 66 feet per second. Please note, there is no way to accurately measure actual distance via the video.
  • The solid white lane stripe (reflecting the RH edge of the usable road surface) runs through the middle of the temporary RH lane.
  • Our initial play had us thinking the white pick-up made a last minute and sudden lane change, but after watching it multiple times, it did not. The driver cleanly followed the temporary road markings. 
  • Only after the solid white lane stripe (reflecting the RH edge of the usable road surface) converges with the temporary dotted line does the temporary RH markers indicate a similar temporary lane change
  • At the -:06 marker, the solid white lane stripe runs directly under the temporary concrete barrier.
In conclusion, we can not offer any conclusion without potentially placing blame on someone or something, so we won't. That's why they call things like this "an accident". We'll leave the "call" to experts. The only advice (which remains both free and available in abundant quantities) we can offer is in the form of a few Classic Rock or Do-Wop songs:

"Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel"