"Killing" a Great TV Show is No Excuse For Death Threats

Unfortunately This is No Laughing Matter

Just a few days ago, we reported on a decision involving the uber-popular Wheeler Dealers, Velocity, Edd China and Mike Brewer. If you haven't read it or watched Edd's video, you should by clicking here before reading anything else.

The Haters Hate
In the days since Edd spoke up about these changes and despite his plea for fans to give the new format a chance and to support Velocity, Mike Brewer and his replacement, Ant Anstead, certain crazed fans  were "triggered" beyond any normal level of disappointment.

Sorry but we're not holding back on this. Who, no, no one has the right to send death threats to those remaining with the show, let alone Mike's wife and daughter. With all of the tools available to the authorities, maybe these wankers need to be reminded these threats are not taken lightly and the penalties extremely severe. The sentence in the UK is 10 years to life in prison. (See "Threats to Kill" here).

"Mike called me at the weekend and told me that over the past few days; not only he, but also his wife and daughter had been receiving a lot of abuse and even death threats, because of my leaving the show, and that’s really NOT cool."
-Edd China