It's Bad Enough When a Stranger Rips You Off...

It's Worse When It's Done By Someone You Know

We've written numerous articles about unsuspecting Classic car owners who decide to put their car in the hands of someone who has earned their trust, but end up ripping them off, stealing their cars or in some cases stripping their Classic and selling off the parts wholesale.

We came across the ultimate insult; after a trusted "family friend" opened a restoration shop, he was asked to restore and repaint a treasured Corvette. The proposal was it would take several weeks, so after handing over the keys and a $1,500 deposit, Janice Hill watched as Eric Lambert drove off with her car.

As with other instances we wrote about, several weeks turned into several months and then stretched out to over a year and a half without any progress. The $1,500 deposit grew to $6,000, yet not a single restorative effort had ever been completed. After her doubts grew to a point of being unbearable, she wanted her car back...period. Lambert demanded another $500, which Hill paid.

But it turned out her Corvette had been used as a 'parts depot" of sorts with numerous major components gone, the interior complete stripped, leaving the car little more than a shell.

Huntsville police took Eric Lambert into custody Tuesday night after arresting him at his auto shop business ,Whiplash Kustoms. Lambert was wanted on two felony charges of receiving stolen property and one felony charge of receiving a stolen auto.

As a helpful guide, Hot Rod Network has published a guide to help other owners from falling into a similar experience.
Source -Hot Rod Network