Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #36 - The Final Leg of a Two Year Journey

Slowing the Pace - Spain and Portugal

Dash photos of Heidi's friends and Family
You may recall from Update #35, Heidi voiced a somewhat melancholy message, torn between her enjoyment of the journey, missing her Family, her friends and knowing she was on the last legs of the trip.

Sometime in the later part of December, 2016, Hudo was loaded onto a freighter for the trip North from South Africa to Gibraltar. After unloading and making final preparations Heidi began her site seeing trip through Spain on the way to Portugal, or at least, that's what her notes say.
After debarking the ship, Heidi and Hudo made their way to a local mechanic shop where the staff hammed it up by towing the Hudson into the work area. Fortunately all Hudo needed was a quick going over and a new set of tires which were awaiting the team's arrival.
As always, anywhere the pair goes (Heidi and Hudo) the news is sure to follow. Numerous photos show her being interviewed by the local new team and there are many photos of curiosity seekers wanting a "selfie" with Heid, Hudo or both.
The map shows her progress has slowed considerably as compared to much of her past efforts. And although her travel plans are supposedly through Spain to Portugal, we couldn't help notice the tracking site indicates she is currently driving away from Portugal, east rather than west. Her photos are nearly all focused on the locations she is visiting.
Well keep you posted as her progress continues. Until then, Garagistry out.