Should I Decorate My Car for Christmas?

HO, HO, HO or NO! NO! NO!

So you've picked out your Christmas tree, but decided you need to get some new decorations. So off to the store. As you search through aisle after aisle of potential additions, you stumble upon a giant display of Christmas car decorations. As you become overwhelmed by the Spirit of Christmas, your eyes glaze over and your brain says, "Oh, yea."

The reindeer kit? No, too common. Elf shut in your trunk stick-on? Naw. How about a lighted wreath for the grill? Been there, seen that, done it. So you keep looking.
Then what to your wondering eyes should appear? A three-foot tall Car Christmas Tree kit. Your eyes how they twinkled as you thought in your head. "With that on the roof, they'll think I'm St Nick". It's not what you think, you're delusional my friend. But even the $130 price could not bring this to end. So you put it in the cart anyway.

If you have or may find yourself in that situation,  please step away. Have you had one too many eggnogs? Run over by a reindeer? If not, take a moment to remind yourself; there are only a few reasons to decorate your car for Christmas:
  • You look like and are dressed as Santa on the way to visit the Children's Hospital
  • Your Classic is in the annual Holiday parade
  • The bed of your Pick Up is overflowing with presents being driven to the Toys for Tots collection center
  • You are using your Collector Car as part of a Holiday display on the front lawn
Otherwise, raise your hand...then use it to slap yourself. You can thanks us later.