Remember Those Awful Neighbors...They're Baaack!

The Ones Who Want To Take Away A Disabled Man's Garage?
As We Approach Christmas They Have Earned "The Scrooge Award"
We covered this story in two past articles. The first was to deliver the details. The second was to advise the court told them to go away and stop their nonsense. 

We hope your rage-enabled senses have been properly’re going to need them. Because, well, the awful neighbors are not quitting, and taking their complaint to the Delaware Supreme Court.

According to every legal decision so far, Williams is well within his rights to have and use his garage. His neighbors – Margaret Foulke, and John and Carol Kane – whose hatred of William’s garage borders on the obsessive, had their attempt to destroy the garage itself destroyed when the Judge’s findings said this:

For the foregoing reasons, Plaintiffs’ request for an injunction to remove Defendant’s Pole Building is DENIED

Plaintiffs’ request to enjoin the use of that building for the non-commercial enjoyment of the Defendant, by its use for hobby auto maintenance and repair, is DENIED

Plaintiffs’ request that I order the Defendant to remove the ornamental signs on his property is DENIED

The Plaintiffs have failed to establish that the Defendant has created a nuisance per se, and no relief under that theory is available to the Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs’ request that the Defendant pay their legal fees is DENIED.

In case this act of stubborn shittyness surprises you, please remember that these are the same people that also put up signs by Williams’ garage threatening to have Jesus use his murder-breath to kill him, the LAWLESS ONE:
Williams said he is ready to move on. "I'd like to see the healing process begin," he said. "How can you hate somebody that much?"

Williams said he is not actively pursuing a countersuit, but if an attorney is interested in pursuing one pro bono, he would consider it in order to put an end to seemingly endless action against him. "I'd consider it because what else will ever make them understand what they've done to my family?" he said.