Nostalgia Funny Car Body Wars

WHOA vs GO -"Get Rid of the Swoop!"
'70's versions looked a lot like the production models with realistic front ends, roof heights, wheel wells and more
OK, let's set the stage. Nostalgia Drag Racing is all about running cars which represent the era in which they were built. They are the Classic cars of drag racing, but the key word here is "represent" and the "war" is over how the car should look. In this case, it means the fiberglass body shell used on Funny Cars.
These cars are "representative" of the ones used in the '70's, but time and use have exceeded the availability of period correct parts. As a result, they now run many modern components, especially those associated with the engine and drivetrain, Similarly, safety rules have been updated requiring the tube chassis and numerous other parts to be replaced with versions similar to the ones used in their contemporary counterparts.

Safer and Faster
In the '70's the top ET's (elapsed time) for a Funny Car were in the 6 to 7 second range with top speeds of about 190 MPH. These updated versions are now traversing the FULL quarter mile in barely over 5 seconds at speeds exceeding 270 MPH.
By the '80's Funny Cars began to greatly modify the body to improve aerodynamics
While Nostalgia Drag Racing is almost exclusively considered a Sportsman Class (average people spending their own capital to race), there is a growing group of younger racers who believe if this class of racing is to continue, you need to start catering to the 20-30 year old age group, not to 60-80 year old's. Others view the class as a way to gain the experience needed to move to the professional level of drag racing. So in true fashion, they are challenging the status quo.
I say "YES"
I say "YES"
The basic "arguments" reside with those who only want period correct bodies and those who want to leverage aerodynamics with new designs. Those challenging the rules are the younger racers along with more mature progressive racers. They point to the fact that nearly everything under the body has been changed to meet more stringent safety rules along with nearly every part of the drivetrain, why not the body? Further they believe in changing the bodies just enough to leverage aerodynamics for speed AND safety.
It still represents the era, but the new versions use a "swoop nose" modified wheel wells, narrowed bodies with a lower profile, much like their modern counterparts
I say NO
I say NO
The traditionalist point of view focuses on the originality of the bodies, despite the power and safety upgrades. They want to remain competitive, but not at the expense of tradition, nor are they interested in spending thousands more to replace their current body shells. There are similar sentiments regarding power upgrades, meaning if spending thousands more to increase power which cannot by itself overcome poor aerodynamics, why bother?

Conversely, those in favor of the design change don't fully understand why going a bit slower than the fastest cars is a determent to enjoying the hobby. "It's not a reason to throw in the towel."

The Proponents Of Nostalgia Funny Car Body Evolution Get Their Say
Elapsed times and speeds have surpassed what anyone could have expected with the “movement” began years ago. So what happens next? Maybe these videos will help you decide.

Whoa vs Go - Part One

Whoa vs Go - Part Two

We are of a divided opinion, but just as the Classic car market has evolved to include Resto-mods, Pro Touring and Customs, maybe it's exactly what is needed to bring greater recognition to "traditional" Funny Cars even if they don't go faster while affording the growth of the hobby and appreciation for innovation. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.