Thanks to the Many Generations of Veterans

By Todd Starnes

"The other day one of my radio listeners sent me a link to a brilliant television commercial that was created by Food City.

Who is Food City? They sell Hamburger Helper, Doritos and Dukes Mayonnaise to folks who live in the Southern states. But the supermarket’s television commercial had nothing to do with selling groceries – it was about Veteran’s Day. And folks – it was one of the most poignant, heart-felt commercials I’ve ever seen.

“It’s all about bringing families together,” said company spokesman Kevin Stafford. “It’s God. It’s country. It’s family – and then it’s Food City.”

These days, there aren’t too many big companies left across the fruited plain that do business like that – which makes Food City’s Veterans Day commercial all the more intriguing.

“The country and what it means is extremely important to our company,” Mr. Stafford said."