Great Reasons to Become a Classic Car Owner

Always dreaming of one day owning a classic car?  Frequently recalling your earliest days of having a Driver's License and what you type of car you really wanted to be driving?  Have you watched a beautiful classic car cruising down the road and wonder what it would be like to be behind the wheel? Beautiful sunny Spring, Summer or Fall days spent touring the countryside, it’s an idyllic image and a reality that brings happiness to thousands of classic car owners every year. 

Yes, owning and driving a classic car is a dream to which many aspire. Your dream car is out there, waiting with your name on it, and with thousands of classics currently for sale it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Your fantasy could become a reality too.

Reasons Why You Should Own a Classic Car:

Appreciation Not Depreciation  
First, we all know the harsh truism: new cars typically lose thousands as soon as you drive them off the dealership's lot. On average, a brand new car loses 11% of its value the moment you drive off. During the first five years a car typically depreciates 15% to 25% annually and after five years the car is only worth 37% of what you paid for it at the dealership. Not always fair, but that's the way things are.
Let's look at this from a practical perspective. Owning a classic could prove to be a sound investment with the value actually increasing as it ages. Whereas a  modern vehicle is a liability, a classic car is an asset. For example, if you take a 1965 Mustang Fastback K Code car purchased back in 1965 the sticker price would have been around $3,500. Today however, that very same car is obtaining as much as $50,000.00 depending the history (aka: documentation) and condition of the vehicle, which translates to an increased value of almost 1400%.

So not only will you get to experience the joy of classic car ownership but you could make money while you do it.  Even if you are not seeking a Collector or Classic car valued in the six or seven digit world, you should expect to see some appreciation over time with a properly maintained and documented vehicle.

Source: Hagerty
Under $15,000 is a good price point for identifying running and driving classics that can be considered “affordable” partly because they fit the budget for most enthusiasts and partly because it’s under the MSRP of just about any new automobile. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of choices in the world of affordable classics that spans many makes, body styles and model years. Even so, at collector car auctions in North America during 2015 there were certain types of classics that crossed the block significantly more often than others.

Out of the 10 most commonly seen sub-$15,000 cars by year, make and model, seven are either Mustangs or Corvettes, all but one are built by either Ford or GM, and eight were built after 1970. If you’ve attended or watched on TV a Mecum or a Barrett-Jackson event lately, the list shouldn’t be much of a surprise. In addition to having modest values, most of these are famous cars with mass appeal, and all were built in huge quantities and have a solid survival rate. For example, almost 54,000 Corvettes were built in 1979 alone. For the 1966 Mustang, the number is over 600,000.

Enjoy Your "Ride" & Commute

In Cuba ALL Classic Cars are Daily Drivers - Gerry Balding
One once wrote the relationship exhibited in now classic black and white Westerns illustrated  how cowboys interacted with their horses: the love, affection and respect they gave their “rides” implied they were absolutely indispensable. Instead of being fed grass and oats, today's "ride" is fed octane fuel, instead of being on four legs, today's "rides" sit on four tires - otherwise the relationship between rider and ride remains essentially the same.

Many use their Classic as a daily driver, making even the most routine, mundane commute an enjoyable experience. In reality, this is the future most classic cars should experience - being locked up in a garage and driven only on ideal weather days is neither a sound approach to maintain a vehicle or to maximize the enjoyment possibilities. Considering your car as an extension of you, the owner, your car is the automotive equivalent of your character.

Compared to the classics, many of today’s cars are plain vanilla, indistinguishable from one another, and in the opinion of some, entirely lacking in character. Just take a look around you: every car looks like a Toyota Camry - nothing against a Camry! Apparently individuality, style and design were declared unnecessary when many of today's vehicles are concerned. That is never the case when riding in a Classic...

Be Part of a Community

As a classic car owner there are a countless reasons why it’s worth joining a local Car Club. From technical help and advice, to social events with other car enthusiasts. This is a community where the entrance requirement may be as little as having an interest in Classic cars, owning a Classic just makes the time involved more rewarding.

You can hit the classic car show circuit. It is one thing to go to the classic car shows. It is a whole other thing to be in the classic car shows. It is an exclusive club and you are now a member.
Just looking at a classic car makes you smile. For most people, just looking at a classic car makes them smile. So you will be spreading fond memories every time you drive around town. Consider it your public service.

Stand Out From the Crowd

A classic car is an excellent way of turning heads, it’s also a great conversation starter with others who share a fondness for classic cars.

You get to meet interesting people. And with all that attention you will have people come up to you – interesting people. A great classic car is an outstanding conversation starter. Caring for a classic car is better than therapy. Washing, waxing and detailing the beautiful lines of a vintage car will raise your spirits and put you in a good mood. It will certainly get your mind off today's trials and tribulations.

I vividly recall the day I went to the local DMV to get my drivers license when I finally turned 17 and the pure excitement of it. No longer a mere passenger in the backseat, or having to shout "Shotgun!" first to get the front passenger seat. The lure of the open road and the freedom it inspired were intoxicating to say the least. And though I’ve driven literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of miles since that momentous day in 1967, I still get that special thrill each time I hit the highway in my classic...


Any of the above considerations is a great reason to own a classic car and most if not all owners of vintage automobiles will lay claim to at least one, if not all of them. That said, if you’ve got a little "disposable" income to play with and you have a longing to find a Classic, you may find success when search for just the right Classic car. 

There is just something about vintage Classic cars. It doesn’t matter if it is a classic Corvette or a Mustang, a Muscle Car or a Station Wagon, vintage cars have an almost universal appeal. They generally increase in value over time making them a wise investment and source of enjoyment. A classic car represents an era, one that many have fond, nostalgic memories.

Bottom Line:

Perhaps the best reason: because you just love the car. When owning a vintage Classic car is a passion for you, what better reason do you need than to get one for yourself?

And when you do find your Classic and become it's current "Caretaker", be sure to create your personal Garagistry for the vehicle. Maintaining an accurate and as complete a history as possible of your ownership experience will help insure future Caretakers will not only have a well-documented vehicle, but you will support its future value as well.

As the Esso slogan once proclaimed - Happy Motoring!

The Garagistry Team