Garagiste vs. Garagisté vs. Garagistry


People often ask how we got our name. Like most companies, it was mostly the result of tossing around a bunch of ideas. Frankly we weren't 100% sure we would keep it, but after doing some research we made up our mind. It would be Garagistry®. To some, our name is little more than the jumbling of Garage and Registry, but it's equally as much the merging of the history and meanings behind garagiste and garagisté.

"Garagiste! Assembliatore! 
(grease monkeys)"
Garagiste (without the é) was a term coined by Enzo Ferrari to scornfully describe the small back-yard racing teams like Cooper and Lotus who dared to challenge a grand constructor like himself.  

These new companies were, to Ferrari, little more than garage workers (the literal French translation garagiste) as compared to the engineering might of his mighty Scuderia Ferrari.

Ironically, the first example of a garagiste Grand Prix team was from Italy, born from a revolutionary group of engineers who had become frustrated at Ferrari. These teams also lured several veteran Ferrari drivers into joining them. 
When these upstarts began beating him year after year because they could develop new ideas quicker than he could, Ferrari was forced to change his thinking. The term Garagiste was no longer derogatory. It became the description of fast moving start-up teams capable of producing race winning vehicles. But it wasn't long before these Garagistes would themselves be challenged by more status quo breaking teams like Honda and Toyota. Ironically, the most recent trends reflect the extreme costs of F1 support the reemergence of modern day garagistes.

"Rule-breakers, pioneers, renegades, mavericks, driven by passion"
We've all read stories about how Apple Computers and Hewitt Packard were created in a garage, by visionaries who broke all the rules, refused to follow the status quo and changed an industry.  Wine garagistés are doing the same thing. Garagisté is a name coined for winemakers in the Bordeaux region of France  who were making small amounts of high quality wines while bucking conventional wine tradition. The term Garagisté, coined in the 1990's, first used by large scale wineries to denigrate these renegade small-lot wine makers, sometimes literally working from their garage. 
This new style of wine was controversial. Purists claimed the wines would not age well or reflect the terroir (the set of special characteristics depicting the geography, geology and climate of a certain place) of the region, nor the typicity of the grape varieties used. Characterized as "winemaker's wine for wine collectors, not wine drinkers", the term is sometimes used  as a somewhat backhanded compliment. In light of this, "Vins de garage" wine is sometimes referred to as "super-cuvée" (super-vintage) or "microchâteau". The wines produced by these estates often receive very high wine ratings and command high prices driven by rarity, hyperbole, and fashion. 
Despite the critical acclaim and high prices fetched by some vins de garage, both the term and the movement have faced criticism by the traditional large-scale producers. 

Yet due to the innovative spirit behind "Vins de garage", "Garage wine", is alive and well throughout the world. Garagisté festivals, which range from events similar to local classic car shows all the way to Concours de Elegance-like events, are growing in every country. In the United States, the effort is particularly strong within the California wine region. Isn't that the birthplace of the hot rod and Classic car hobby? 

We found quite a few parallels to our status as a small company within the stories of Italy's garagistes and vintners; rule-breaking start-ups driven by passion along with connections to automotive history. We challenge "the way things have always been done" with fresh ideas and new technology to provide an entirely unique service for every Classic car owner and collector of the 21st century. 

So our name is more than simply what meets the eye. It's steeped in rich history, smothered in passion, as intoxicating as Bordeaux and it gets better over time. Its the place where your Classic cars live and how we are Preserving Automotive History...One Car at a Time®

Why not partake in the opportunity to be a maverick. Challenge the status quo by starting your own Garagistry today. Click here for more information and link to become a member.