Another Classic Stolen During Cross-Country Move

Everything Owned by the Chicosky Family Was in The 20 ft U-Haul Including Their Priceless Classic

Last week, John Chicosky was making a cross-country move from Michigan to Nevada. He was driving a 26-foot U-Haul truck, attached was his 1981 Camaro. 

“When I walked out and saw that truck missing, it was just devastating,” he said “It was almost like I just couldn’t do anything, I knew I was powerless and I knew I was stuck.” “There was 29 years of marriage was inside that truck,” Chicosky said.

Police later found the abandoned U-Haul just outside of Albuquerque, but not the car. Thieves trashed the truck, breaking furniture and only leaving behind boxes of family photos and clothes.

So again, we offer our previous posts to help stop making these kinds of thefts so easy.

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