What's In A Truly PATRIOTIC Name


Today a reader asked what might seem to be a random question brought about by a few adult beverages - is there a 4th of July Road? Believe it or not, we found there are at least 6 different roadways with the name 4th of July Road.

Oddly enough, while there such roadways in two of the 13 Original Colonies, none is in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York or New Jersey. Thankfully Newton, GA and Truro, MA (Cape Cod) carry the date for recognition.

4th of July Road, Nederland, CO
4th of July Road, Eagle, CO
4th of July Road, Newton, GA
4th of July Road, Howe, IN
North Avenue 4th of July, Syracuse, IN
4th of July Road, Truro, MA
What we could not determine is whether any of these residential streets have restictions concerning a resident hosting their own 4th of July parade...

Hope you all enjoyed a safe and happy 4th -

The Garagistry Team