STILL No App Needed

For all our iPhone, iPad, and Mobile Device Users 

Garagistry remains fully compatible with Apple's current and upcoming iOS update. You can access, update and manage your Garagistry, even add new photos using your iPhone, iPod or iPad...without ANY kind of a specialized App. Garagistry works equally as well with Android devices.

STILL No App Needed

Yes, you read that correctly. Garagistry is was developed to be very easy to use. You can do everything on the site right from your smartphone or tablet without needing to use a separate App. 

Add now or Add later

Take and upload a new photo on the spot using an available WiFi network or via your wireless data plan. Or you can take all of your photos and upload them later. 

Make Them Picture Perfect

Don't forget to use the amazing new editing capability of Photos to edit, improve, and crop your photos before you upload them. 
New crop and rotate screen shot
Ready to Start?

Getting started is easy, but before you start, you will need to decide if you want to take a new picture and do a live upload or upload a stored photo. Using this new method is nearly identical to how you add photos from your computer, but here are the steps.

Sign in to your Garagistry account on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, choose the vehicle you would like to update, then select the PHOTOS link. (Note-You can also use this method to update your PROFILE PICTURE.)
After the PHOTOS section opens, select Add Photo to open your PHOTO selection screen.
Then select Choose File. You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG files less than 5MB in size. By uploading the file you declare that you have the right to distribute the file and that it does not violate the User Agreement
You will be given the option to Take Photo or choose Photo Library.
New Photo/Live Upload vs. Stored Photos

You capture and select a new photo for a live upload directly from the built-in camera screen, by selecting USE (located in the lower RH corner) then select the UPLOAD PHOTO button.
Haste Makes Waste

Growing the content of your Garagistry is not a contest. Take some time to add a title and description to each new photo, so in 10 years you won't be guessing what the photo was about.

Why Use Garagistry for Your Classic Car Photos?

Unlike Apple's iCloud Photo Library or any other kind of cloud-based storage, there is NO LIMIT to the number of photos you can add, and the photos can't be deleted by accident. As an example, Apple gives you 5GB for free, but keep in mind that you’re also sharing that space with things like iCloud backups and other files you have stored in your iCloud Drive.

When you hit that limit your only choice is to begin deleting your photos or buying additional iCloud storage. Unlike any other kind of free or paid cloud-based file storage system, vehicle records and details are not treated like some kind of disposable file. Garagistry automatically organizes every detail, document, photo and story to the correct Classic. There's no guesswork or extra work.

There's also our built-in Notebook™ app which allows you to create blog-like entries, lists and other written on-the-fly documents, with or without pictures. You can then decide if you want the individual Notebook entry to remain private or share it with other registered Garagistry users. 

So it's a great time to claim your complimentary Garagistry account and begin developing your Classic car dossier. You can thank us later. 

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Please review the Garagistry User Agreement for details regarding the acceptable use of photos.