James May the "Reassembler" Tackles the Backyard Lawn Mower

Back To Basics
Many, if not nearly all, of today's "motorheads" cut their teeth working on lawn mower engines that powered mini-bikes, go-carts and yes, even lawn mowers. If you are not a part of that group, you will enjoy seeing what is hidden inside, how it all fits together and works.

If you are a part of the group experienced in the inner workings of an engine, May adds a special style to the effort in ways you will appreciate. And regardless of your personal experience, it's seductively entertaining in a strange sort of way.
We hearken May's style to that of Bob Ross, who week after week, hypnotized millions of people who either wanted to learn how to paint or take a mental nap. The personal irony in this post is one of our staffers experienced the unexpected failure of a similar engine and will be undertaking the task of repairing whatever went wrong. Of course that does not mean she will be successful, as May eloquently points out:

“Any idiot can take things to bits, putting them back together again is what counts,” May said. “I recently bought a new house, with a lawn. I even have a lawn mower. Unfortunately, it’s in bits. You can probably see where this is going.”