Tufer Tuesday - Tales of Two Classics

Who Doesn't Like a Good Story?

Based on the overall statistics of our blog, the answer is no one. Have you thought about the stories associated with your own Classic? Will they simply fade away as the years pass, never to be shared outside of your small circle of fellow enthusiasts? Or will you take some time to add them to your vehicle's Garagistry records?
It never fails to puzzle us why when speaking with owners at any car show, every Classic has a story if you take the time to ask, but few people fully understand how much these mini-anthologies can add to the value of a Collector car. But, only if the owner takes the time to record them. Give it some thought and please take advantage of a fully complimentary Garagistry subscription while they're still cost free. You can thank us later.

First up is a mini-documentary entitled "Baby Blue", a car that wasn't for sale until just the right caretaker was found.

Our second story is from The Big Dog Garage, where representatives of The Auto Club tell the story behind another CHP patrol car that was never supposed to exist.

If you enjoyed the story behind this CHP Classic, you will probably enjoy this episode of Jay Leno's Garage - Are You Some Kind of Comedian? 

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