Heidi Hetzer - Update #33 - "On The Road Again"

Heidi's World Tour Re-Boot Underway

But Not Without Complications
Our last update, based on what little could be scraped from the German language blog, was apparently not 100% correct. What we thought to be "catch-up" posts reporting the last parts of her adventure before heading back to Germany for surgery and cancer treatment, are actually the beginning of her return to the tour.

"After the cancer scare and successful surgery in Germany last month, Heidi is back on the road with Hudo and her new companion Lili, a wonderful photographer and useful Spanish interpreter. The last two weeks were spent finding the exact roads and locations Clärenore Stinnes and Carl Söderstrom passed and photographed almost 90 years ago on their voyage around the world."

Her latest details indicate after returning to South America, the noted engine damage was discovered and sidelined the Hudson until it could be addressed with the help of local mechanics and spare parts stored in the car. After the repairs to the Hudson (Hudo, as she has named it) were completed. Heidi and her new assistant left Argentina headed towards Chile, which is when "the wheels fell off".

Her most recent update started with "Hello dear friends, before you rejoice too soon: I'm back in Mendoza in the workshop". She expected to make the planned 100km trip in one day, but after 40km, the engine began knocking loudly bringing the trip to an abrupt end. 

Apparently the repair, mostly the replacement of connecting rods (possibly pistons and rings) failed. Parts had to be sourced in Germany and the US, then shipped to Mendoza, arriving after a two week wait.

"Smile, things could be worse," they said. "So I smiled and sure enough, things got worse."
Rodney Dangerfield
With the broken down Hudson in tow, Heidi and Lili returned to Mendoza only to find their previous quarters were no longer available. After locating alternate accommodations, the only available space was located in a questionable location and woefully below that of her former living quarters.
There is inadequate detail to determine exactly what happened next, but either her room, possibly both of their rooms, the Hudson or the rental car they were driving was broken into and many items of value stolen. 

The caption associated with the two left photos read, "Heidi's last photos before the white auto-handbag with passport, cash, credit cards, symbol table, calendar, diary, iPad and iPhone were stolen." She noted concern over the loss of her passport and similar items, but the loss of her diary made her most forlorn. Yet she remains hopeful through "word of mouth", the perpetrators will find a way to return it or be apprehended.

Where's Hudo?
Heidi (LR) Lili (LF) and their "Peeps"
Again, there are major gaps in the details, but Heidi and Lili used the down time to resume searching for the locations noted and photographed by Stinnes in 1928. 

We are presuming the repairs were complete, as they have headed back into Chile and according to her most recent Tweet, they are "high" in the Andes. This dual-meaning point, scraped from the photo's notation, reflects they are both physically in the Andes and suffering the lightheaded effects of altitude sickness.

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