Heidi Hetzer - Update #32 - Heidi and Hudo Remain Recovering

Let's Hope That No News Equals Good News

Based on her updates, Heidi is taking some time during recovery to fill in some of the voids in her travel through South America. Details are focused on two things; another major engine repair and sightseeing travel before she headed back to Germany for medical treatments.

Apparently "Hudo" threw two "oiling cups" from the crankshaft end of the connecting rod. As the engine relies on this "splash oiling system" component, the dislodging resulted in internal engine damage.  Inadequate content leaves us guessing at the exact amount of damage, but the following photos show a new piston, the recovery of broken parts from the oil pan and Heidi inspecting a piston/rod assembly and a recovered oiling cup. According to available details, spare parts to complete the repair had been stored in the car.
You may notice all the photos are in B&W, apparently the choice of Heidi's travel assistant who has moved on to another position. It may also be due to the inclusion of a few B&W photos taken by Clärenore Stinnes, the female adventurer who traveled the same route in the 1920's. There were a few then and now photos that showed very little had changed in nearly 100 years.
On the way between the natural harbor of Atico and Atico in July 1928
The same location in 2016

Unfortunately, there is no news regarding Heidi's recovery. With only a few post since January, we have to presume the recovery is harder then originally expected. Nonetheless, we hope Heidi is doing well. We expect her to overcome the delay in grand splendor and look forward to reporting she is once again back on the road.

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