Mr. Pitts Went to "Washington" and WON


Only a few days after publishing the story of Ned Pitts, this morning we learned he succeeded in his efforts to have what he believed an unfair process reversed. According to WECT and with their help, State Senator Michael Lee has intervened.
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Per the article, "Fed up, Pitts called us, and told us about some state statutes on antique cars he'd uncovered that were potentially at odds with the county's classic car tax policy. We called State Senator Michael Lee, who did some research of his own and reached out to the county."
"Senator Lee had been perhaps looking into it and expressed perhaps some concern with how we were doing it,” New Hanover County Manager Chris Coudriet said. "What we were doing was acceptable, but not necessarily in the best interest of the taxpayer or the most fair to the taxpayer."
The county has now changed its procedure. 

Moving forward, they will send out letters to residents who have cars over 25-years-old, warning them their cars will be assessed as classics before the tax bill is even generated. That should help tax payers recognized a potentially inflated valuation, and give them more time to challenge it.

"I feel like we've made a good change on that front,” Coudriet said of the revised policy. “We are assuming it's a classic, but we are giving the taxpayer the opportunity [to challenge that] before that tax bill is in their mail box.”

Put Up Another Chalk Mark For the "Good Guys"
On behalf of our followers, subscribers, Classic car owners and enthusiasts, "Thank You!" to Ned Pitts, WECT and Senator Lee.