Heidi Hetzer - Update #30 - World Tour Cancelled?????

Based on the latest article posted by her travel assistant, Lili...

Heidi suddenly left Lima bound for Berlin. After translating the details, we uncovered this rather cryptic message:

Why is Heidi Still in Lima?

"Some have already guessed. Something is not correct. Heidi has in the workshop to Germany. She feels fine, but is attacked by malicious rust and requires a cavity restoration. The rust has to go before it affects the whole body, otherwise there's no new TÜV for the driver.

Under the new plan Heidi is in 2 months again in South America go. Lili is waiting so long and Hudo is kindly housed in Museo de Autos Antiguos Colección Nicolini (Lima). What people create, Heidi can do better, so do not worry!
Heidi meets today in Germany. You do not go to Berlin (incorrect message in the BZ), because in Berlin the world tour comes to an end. But before that are still South America and southern Africa in Travel Planning. All important information's posted here."

Then this was added later on:

"Clarification: The world tour will be interrupted for a few weeks, not canceled! Heidi can be treated (although they obviously do not fancy has) and then continue."

Not 100% Sure Exactly What That Means
Based on assumptive decipher of the above messages, Heidi was diagnosed with a medical condition needing immediate attention. Then the second clue, "rust has to go before it affects the whole body". After replacing "rust" with "cancer", the noted two months (or a few weeks?) of treatment and our personal experiences with family members who had been diagnosed with "rust", it (cancer) seems a highly probable diagnosis (although until more details are available, it remains assumptive). 

Until or if we get more details, should you be so inclined, please keep Heidi in your prayers. Alternatively, you are welcome to add your own "Get Well" note in the comments. We'll send them along to Lili.