Heidi Hetzer - Update #29 - Last Call

Heidi Winds Down Her Visit to the US

In the previous update, Heidi noted she would be loading Hudo onto a container ship bound for Lima, Peru. But as she also noted, she loved the Miami area, from shops to beaches, so she couldn't help lingering in Palm Beach and Miami as long as possible.
Preparations were minimal, mostly official stuff and getting the oil and filter changed one more time before loading the Hudson into the container. Once done, she simply took in as much of the local lifestyle as possible, including a shopping trip on Worth Ave.
"Ten garages turned me away, just for a simple oil change and battery charge, but then this lucky strike."
New oil, filter and chassis lube were done at no charge


Hello friends, 
As nice as it was in the USA and I was spoiled by front and back, so it was not what I wanted. I want to take things into their own hands and experience something. Here many have just scared that bad people they rob, attacked, afraid to be held accountable (liability). One drives the famous streets for shopping and from work to home. The street around the corner does not know you.
So I am looking forward to South America and have for Christmas a super opportunities provided Lima. There festivals are held on weekends, with bands, costumes, celebrations in cathedrals concerts. Hudo is loaded, I go on 10/12. the container "CUP INES" by Hamburg Süd.
I will keep the Spotti Tracker in my purse. That is, all the rides that you currently see, are with the car. Later, of course, from the ship, so that you can trace the journey through the Panama Canal.

Enjoy the 2nd Advent, here burn no light, unfortunately, no sun. At least it has stopped raining.

Regards, Heidi  

Until Next Time, Garagistry Out