The Classic Bo-Sox Metropolitan Has Been Saved

Last month we wrote an article about Tim Hall and his tribute car built from from a 1957 Nash Metropolitan. Growing tired of his caretaking responsibilities, he placed the Nash up for sale, but nobody made a serious offer. 

Further frustrated, Hall placed an ad on Craigslist, offering up the Bo-Sox Nash to Yankee fans in the hope someone would dream up a coordinated destruction, a "Cash For Nash Party" to recupe his investment and let frustrated Yankee's fans sledgehammer the car to benefit some yet to be known charity.

All of that changed when Massachusetts, native Paul Martin received a link to the Craigslist ad from his sister. Martin immediately contacted Hall only to learn someone had already made an offer on the car.

The very next day Hall received news from the buyer, he was backing out of the deal. Hall called Martin, told him the car was available and they closed the deal by phone. After loading up the Nash, Hall towed the car from Denver to Spring, Texas, where Martin now runs his own business.
Paul Martin and Tim Hall in Spring, TX. - Tim Hall
Based on available details Martin has already made the car his own, adding shamrocks alongside the Dunkin Donuts logo and World Series dates to advertise his company, Shamrock Roofing, reflecting Martin's Boston roots.

While assembling this article, we wondered what happened to the Yankees pinstriped Datsun's and Celica's they used to drive relief pitchers from the Bull Pen to the mound. A search turned up only a few mentions and one photo. If you have any details, please Contact Us.