The Admiral's Ferrari

After its racing career had drawn to a close, Admiral Robert Phillips found this Ferrari at a Rambler Dealership in 1959 with a seized differential. He bought the unwanted race car in June of 1960 for the princely sum of $2,225, or as he equated, “about the same as two-and-a-half MGs”. 

The buying decision was made after he wiped the dust off of the valve covers to reveal the car's origin, Ferrari. Exclaiming, "I've got to save it", the decision would change his life forever. After spending two-third's of his annual salary on the broken car, he took on the task of fixing it himself.

"'s only a machine. I should be able to take it apart, 
figure out what's broken, fix that and put it back together..."

It has remained under his guided "custodial" care for the past 55 years, driven regularly, sometimes raced and considered a member of the Phillips family.

By Petrolicious