One For The "Good-Guys"!

By Veronica Miracle
Monday, November 23, 2015 07:15AM
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --

Two classic cars stolen from an 83-year-old veteran on Veterans Day Returned Safe
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Don Klein is a veteran who served in the air force, so when two of his classic cars were stolen the night before Veteran's Day, he and his wife were devastated.

Klein and his wife Faith have been restoring cars for years. "Eight grand kids and a car built for each," Klein exclaimed.

That's how this story starts. "If they needed funds for college that was something they could get funds from, sell it and get some funds for college," Don said.

But the Kleins' plan was shattered ten days ago when their cars were stolen out of storage. "Police face these people everyday," Don said. "No way would I want the kind of job they have. I faced things in the military, but not like they do."

Thanks to law enforcement, two of three people authorities believe are responsible are in jail. The suspect are 38-year-old Jennifer Carlton and 34-year-old Thomas Cummings.

"They actually took the extra measure to clean the cars up, wash them." Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims declared. "So they could be presented to the Kleins in good shape."

The Kleins smiled and stood grateful at the press conference. "We have a pair of clubs that you can put on your car," an officer said as he presented the Kleins with the anti-theft devices. "So they don't get stolen again."

But, back at home, the reality set in. For the Kleins, the ride is important, but not as valuable as the memories it's seen.

"It's a car," Don said. "It's a nice car. It's one that we want to keep, but people are more important. Nobody was injured."

The cars are safe, and so are the memories the grand kids now get to make.

The Kleins said they will store their cars in a different area, and they will be sure to take one of the wheels off so no one can get away.