One Life, One Flag, One Mile

Yes, it is Veteran's Day and we received an email recently from John D. of Texas with a link to a video we were asked to watch.

As John's email read:

What an undertaking! What a way to honor war heroes! Pretty amazing effort!

This is unbelievable - what a majecstic effort and accomplishment this man performed.  It will go down in history for the people who are aware of his commitment!

Flag Man... may be one of the best videos you watch all year! Never heard about this. What a fantastic story. There are so many good people out there - why do we only hear about the worst?

We'll let the message and the video speak for itself. If you have already seen or heard about this video, seeing it again may help remind you that there are people who understand and appreciate what makes living here so special.

We may be Classic Car enthusiasts, but we are Americans too. And watching the video again reminds us that "rarely have so many owed so much to so few who made the ultimate sacrifice for others.."

Thank you Mike Ehredt - job well done!

The Garagistry Team