Heidi Hetzer - Update #28 - Tires, Check, Brakes, Check, Engine...Engine???


But not full recovery. In out last post, Heidi had a tragic accident which tore apart her hand. Yes, very graphic words and on purpose. If you missed the carnage and warning to all working around Classics, please review Update #27. After a lengthy period of recovery in Toronto, Heidi was joined by a companion to do all of the driving.
Dylan has now been my co-driver for two days and Hudo didn't break down so far which must mean that he likes him.

There is only one audio post (in German) since September 12 but there are an adequate number of pictures to put together this update. Her first recorded stop after leaving Canada was Niagara Falls, then through the Finger Lake Region of Upstate NY, Cape Cod and the island of Nantucket.
Then south to Greenwich, CT and into NYC for a two day stay. While there she and Hudo always drew attention. Unexpectedly, Hudo became the focus of a Graffiti artist, who adorned the windshield visor with "painted on pigeon poop".
Lunch at Tavern On The Green
You're not from around here
Next was a short drive to Princeton, which is where trouble started. Emergency brakes went out, then the head gasket began leaking again. The trio then headed west to Hershey, PA where Heidi was fortunate to meet up with the Hudson-Teraplane Club, who had all the parts and manpower to fix the parking brake.
Princeton, NJ
After the Hershey show and RM auction, they headed south to Washington, DC where all the tourist sties were visited. Heidi made it a point to also visit the German Embassy. Again heading south, they rode the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, visited Norfolk. 
"Mamma told me not to come"
Craving for her Mom's waffles allowed herself to be suckered into a meal at Waffle House. Read "between the lines" ...those I dream of still today, but there are not like her's here.

As noted in a past article...here we go again, again, again. As best we can tell by translating her Instagram notes, the leaking head gasket caused cylinder wall oil starvation, which lead to piston, wrist-pin and piston ring failure in one, two or three cylinders, eating the related valves. Another major job and Heidi was not at all pleased considering all of the recent engine and refurbishment work completed before leaving New Zealand, after arriving in the US and again in Canada.
Pictures depict during disassembly, more damage was found. Parts ordered, it looks as if the machine shop sleeved the cylinder(s) and located a replacement head for the damaged one, which was finally tossed into the scrap heap. 
Heidi's stop for a medical evaluation offer an opportunity to "ham it up" at the surgeon's office
With significant time on her hands Heidi headed to the Hilton Head Concourse d'Elegance and visited as many local "touristy" sites as possible including the NASCAR Hall of Fame, awaiting repairs to be completed. The diligence of the shop paid off in spades, locating a cracked brake line and issues with the brake repair completed in Hershey.
Leaving North Carolina, Heidi headed to Savanna, GA then into Florida, Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral where she said goodbye to her second driving assistant, Julie Duncan before heading due west to Tampa and the Gulf of Mexico.
"South America is next. A ship will take us to Lima next month."

From all of us at Garagistry and on behalf of our readers, "Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Good luck on the next leg of your journey!"

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