Jay's 1971 Citroën DS

Listen to Jay recap some of the stories from his youth, the difficulties Citroën experienced attempting to break into the US markets and his appreciation for the unique technology used in these cars...like there is no brake pedal...WHAT?

RH Drive setup (L to R) "dead" pedal. clutch pedal. brake 'button", accelerator - Source - Bring-A-Trailer
Jay never touches on the lack of a brake pedal, but the Citroën had a brake "button". According to available details, the "button" activated the hydraulic power assist according to the amount of travel applied to the floor switch. After years of associating the need to press harder to activate "conventional" brake systems made us wonder if there would be a learning curve to avoid panic braking at every stop. But we could not find any details to indicate the set-up provided "conventional" tactile feedback or if the pedal always felt "soft and loose". If you know, please add the details in the comments below.

The Garagistry Team