Remember Those Cars From the Lambrecht Chevrolet Collection?

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That in 2013, a time capsule, known as Lambrecht Chevrolet, was opened for the first time in decades in Pierce Nebraska. Here's a primer behind the story:

Unless you live in Australia, you've probably never heard that name before, but "down under" Barber is the well-known host of "Renovating for Profit". According to available details and in Barber's own words:

"I've always had an appreciation for beautiful old classic cars, and had been looking for years but never found something I could say I loved. Then in September of 2013, I received a link about a classic-car auction in America. For years there was an urban myth that somewhere in America was a field of Chevy's, like a Chevy graveyard. But it was actually true."

"I saw a car I really liked online so I flew to Pierce, Nebraska, which was a bit of a commute. I headed over to the mythic field of Chevy's and fell in love with a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air, paying $38,500 (US) for the car. The auction itself was sheer hysteria. Three men actually had heart attacks and one died. I ended up getting the car I wanted, which was one of the cars that was kept in the dealership. I named her Mildred." 
After bringing it home, Barber spent seven months working on it and restoring it to its former glory. What was once a dusty old beater is now back to the original brilliant Plum and Ivory paint scheme with an immaculate black and white interior. 

"I had her restored by a company called Hills and Co in Taree. It's the only Lambrecht Chevy in Australia. They'd never seen such an old Chev in such good condition. I wanted her to remain as original as possible. We had the big reveal a few weeks ago. She's beautiful and purrs like a kitten. The restoration ended up costing me $90,000 but I don't intend to sell her. It's something I'll probably pass down to my daughter."
Source - Hills Shire Times
Having grown up in a very traditional style, where there were no "silver spoons" or trust funds, Barber has an unshakable belief in saying "Thank You" to all the people who support her success; the production staff working on the show, the contractors, viewers and the community.

That prompted her to start a an a competition on social media to give some lucky high school students the chance to be transported to their formal in “Mildred”.
Source - Hills Shire Times
“Growing up I lived out west with two sisters and a brother, and money was tight for us,” Ms Barber said.“I thought I would give back, as I have a very blessed life.” Tiana Davidson and Isabella Russo, both 17, were driven in style in the Lambrecht Chevrolet for their Kellyville High School formal at Novotel Norwest on Friday evening. (Based on the actual mileage on the car combined with the total cost to acquire and renovate) If they had to pay for it, the ride would have set them back a cool $1500.
One of the best ways to interest the next generation of Classic car owners is to help them build memories around the cars we have and appreciate. So we are asking all of our members, followers and readers:

"What are you doing to help the next generation of owners 
and caretakers build memories with your Classics?"

HINT - Parking your car at a cruise-in or show, in the hope someone under 50 will "connect" is like showing a $100 bill to a ten year old in the hope they'll suddenly decide to become a millionaire.
Wayne Carini teaching a High School Student to drive stick in a Classic Car
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