Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #24 - Where's Hudo?


Tracking Heidi's travel since our last update has been a bit tricky and as in the past, updates tend to be released in bulk with everything still in German. Her photos seemed to be following a somewhat predictable travel route and story, but some of the details left us guessing.
The longest delay was awaiting the docking of the container ship on which "Hudo" was to arrive from New Zealand. Based on the photos, Heidi's friends accompanied her on various side trips in central California, including Lake Tahoe, before meting up with the Hudson at the pier in Long Beach.
Based on the photo sequence, after picking up the Hudson, she then visited Hollywood, Malibu Beach and the greater Los Angeles area before heading to Las Vegas.
Lady luck was there to greet her arrival into Las Vegas. She won $270.
As you can see on the GPS tracking map, there is no record of most of this travel. But we were able to easily identify the Grand Canyon.
After that there is no indication of which way she drove, but the photo trail has her traveling from the Grand Canyon through Utah, Idaho, then Seattle, where the Hudson was overheating.
Along the route, Hudo broke down again, needing work on the fuel pump, ignition and alternator. Heidi found a local shop in Nevada more than willing to assist. The distributor had to be sent out but the other work was completed in house.
Shortly thereafter she had the tires replaced, although we remain curious why that was not done when the car was sidelined for an extended period at the Nevada shop. The photo sequence places this work done near Bonneville. The note on the photo says, "No time for swimming. It's Sunday, the WalMart is open and I need new tires."
After WalMart and four other tire stores turned down the work, she ended up at Pep Boys where two of the staff eagerly dug in and got the work done.
Idaho, Then Seattle

So until the next update, Garagistry out.