Heidi Hetzer - Update #26 - Breakdown in No Man's Land

And on The Road to Nowhere

"2 Km From the Border Between the USA & Canada,  Hudo Suddenly Began to Smoke"

It's even sadder, despite Heidi's strong emotional constitution, these conditions have worn her down to a troubled state of mind. She was broken down in the "middle of nowhere", no one wanted to help and there was no place to sleep or eat. We've inserted a translated version of this morning's message below.
As Heidi's travel took her through Asia, major engine failures continued to mount up. First were repairs associated with the engine's splash oiling system, followed by cooling system woes, a cracked head,  a second major oil related breakdown, brake issues, wheel issues, charging system issues, fuel system issues and stress related chassis issues. Each repair seems to have resurfaced farther into her travels. We posed the question months ago, "Why"?

Looking back at the source of Heidi's inspiration to circumvent the globe in a 1932 Hudson, we compared the experiences of Ms. Stinnes to Heidi's, but from a perspective of breakdowns. 

If Stinnes would have suffered from as many major breakdowns as has Heidi, it is unlikely she would have ever completed her trip. It is reasonably fair to say that similar issues would not have allowed her to drive 48,000 KM in two years (including the extra-marital hanky-panky).

Stinnes' Adler Six
First and most obvious was that Stinnes drove an Adler Standard Six, not a Hudson Eight. There are numerous differences between the two cars, as built, but there are no specifics regarding the upgrades to Heidi's car. The second, although impossible to detail accurately, it's unlikely Ms. Stinnes had access to paved roads. As such it appears she and her team spent most of the day driving cautiously between campsites. There were no sightseeing side trips and there was no way to increase speed to make up lost time. Conversely, Heidi can speed along between stops, make lots of side trips and, as reported, has a "heavy foot" when it comes to "making up time" for delays caused by breakdowns; that speed likely adding to mechanical stress and repetitive breakdowns.

We'd enjoy hearing from our readers, especially those who have the capability to develop an high quality solution to Heidi's issues. We can envision only one of two paths; resto-mod the Hudson to accommodate the kind of driving Heidi has been and is expected to continue or slow down to accommodate the actual capabilities of your car.
Custom chassis + Cosworth engine = Fastest Model A on the Planet
A-"If you want to drive it like you stole it", transplant the body onto a new chassis equipped with a modern power train, brakes and suspension. (example photo gallery) and video below, "World's Fastest Model A"

B-If you want to make the rest of the trip without dozens of similar major breakdowns, stay under 50 MPH and drive the Hudson like the antique it is.


"August 26, 2015

Hello dear friends,

I wanted to be sure of what I write to you, so I had to keep a day, the hands still and wait. Now I can reassure you: I have not been arrested, even kidnapped, did not go to sleep and the Spotti (GPS Tracker) batteries are empty.

2 Km Coming from the border to the USA from Canada, Hundo suddenly began to smoke. Anything shooting through my head, I just had an oil change done in Morden, about 50 km before.

We roll, white smoke emission from Canada out and the engine stops. I roll even in a side path and that was it. To tinker to the US tariff arrived (a woman) and asked I began. She brought me 2 bucket of water, then came a second Police woman, then a Policeman. You asked me in the terminal building and wanted to call the AAA or a towing service. Anyway, I must get away from the site. I have to decide in which direction I want.

I prefer to return to Canada. I have been there longer rely on the mechanics. So I had only with the Canadian. Negotiate tariff, but USA has helped because I was not even through the barrier.

Then 3 US publicans pushed back on Canadian territory then show my passport and then have 3 Canadian customs officers pushed me under a roof because of Spotti (GPS tracker) has then probably turned off by itself. (no satellite)

Denied accommodation and reserved, suggested restaurants and sightseeing. But back to the border. Svend has a towing service and found came after an hour and drove me 2 Km around the corner by Emerson for 120, - US Dollar. The workshop had 22 clock even still, because Rob always makes night shift on Monday. We were unfortunately quite quickly agreed, it must be the head gasket broken.

Under Hudo was mayonnaise, a porridge of oil mixed with water. Rob said, no problem, father knows about it. The next morning, Father Frank was there and you could tell he knows old cars. We spoke on the phone two, until I, the seals at Carl Weber had found in Massachusetts for an acceptable price. Then we have just unscrewed the cylinder heads and shake the

Damage assessed. All cylinders are full of water. Well, that I from the old engine, which changed a cylinder head in Ferntree Gully, Australia was, have dragged. Now we need him and Frank is very excited that I have something in the luggage. He told it to every visitor, because in the meantime it has become widely known among the 670 inhabitants of Emerson that as an old woman traveling around the world.

At 17 clock is dead silent. No car, no one, nothing, so lonely I was not in my life. Scary. No other guest at the motel, no tourist at the campsite. But Hudo in the garage next door no. 1. I can see him through a window slit.

Now we wait for tomorrow to Fedex and maybe I can go tomorrow even further. I have again lost 3 days and a few. I can not keep appointments. So I would not schedule appointments because I can not rely on Hudo me. But he surprised me again and again why he is just standing between the two countries now. Obviously he does not want to the USA, to his homeland.

Tomorrow is a new day, we grab him cheerfully, then everything is good again."

Happy, Eure Heidi.

Good Luck to You Heidi. Drive safely. Until next time...Garagistry out.