GM's Historic Design Dome Get's a Makeover

Suddenly The Future is Much Cooler...Again

Taking a line from our coverage of the Dream Cars exhibit at the Atlanta High Art Museum, "In the past, the future was really cool". With the opening of the rennovated Design Dome, GM is bringing us a new vision of the future, and it's very cool.

For the first time since its opening in 1955, the futuristic, building has undergone its first and very complete renovation, adding many new technologies, such as computer controlled LED lighting to display vehicles yet to come.
Photo Source - GM
The Design Dome was the brainchild of legendary GM design chief Harley Earl. He wanted a secret, enclosed room where the company's leaders could evaluate designs and decide which vehicles to build. Virtually every vehicle GM has built since the 1956 model year cleared the last hurdle before production in the Design Dome.
Photo Source - GM
The renovation included attention to the patio area around the Dome and landscaping that had been in place since the mid-fifties. Some of the trees which had reached their maximum lifespan were harvested to create works of art for display within the building. The following video from the Detroit Free Press provide a great overview of the project from beginning to end.

Overview of the Renovation
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