"I Own the Oldest Porsche in the World"

Meet Luciano Rupolo

Mr. Rupolo was born and raised in a car related environment, and worked early on in the family’s own automobile mechanic shop. As a mechanic as well as a racer he became successful. 

Today he is especially known for his classic car collection. Next to an original Mini, Alfa Romeos, a Ferrari 250 GT/E and a Porsche 356, he also owns a Iso Grifo AC3 Competizione. This car raced the 12 hours of Sebring in 1965 where it crashed. After the crash the car was modified and at some point abandoned. Rupolo brought this car back to life together with its original designer Giotto Bizzarrini, a 15 year restoration project.

We did uncover that Mr. Rupolo sold the 356 in the video to an anonymous buyer in 2012. Considering Porsche validated the 356 as the oldest known Porsche to exist, could it be in the company's Stuttgart museum? We'll let you know what we can uncover.