Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #22 - Part Two

Driving The Wheels Off Miss Daisey

Arrived Safe and Sound - If you missed Part One, here's the link.
Heidi and Hudo made the journey from Singapore to Australia on schedule and without issue, but between then and April 3rd...Hudo required a major overhaul. Before we get into that, here is a video covering Heidi's trip through her arrival in Perth, Australia.

Based on the photos (with many out of order), It seems Heidi began by taking in the sights around Perth, then headed along a southern coastal route where she met a young surfer couple, camped out on the beach and visited National Parks along the way...until things got worse.
In Part One, we noted issues with the wooden spoke wheels, which appeared to be shrinking and splitting. The arid conditions made things worse, forcing some downtime and additional upkeep. A local mechanic jury-rigged two methods to keep things moving along; a temporary "spoke" to take some of the stress off the worst of the spokes and a "wetting system"; basically shop towels held on by zip ties. Which kept Heidi busy during the next part of the trip...until things got worse.
Wheel Get You Back on the Road

Shortly after the temporary wheel wetting system was installed, the wheel(s) literally fell apart, the engine suffered another massive failure, the cooling system required a redesign, the clutch was again failing and there were similar issues throughout. The wheel(s) was re-spoked, the cracked metal wheel center flange was cut from new material, painted and reinstalled using the correct bolt system. With the wheel(s) all set, Heidi restarted her trip...until things got worse. What Got Worse? All the rest of it.
Mein Name ist Heidi Hetzer und ich bin überholt worden
My Name is Heidi Hetzer and I’ve Been Overhauled
The second half of this update covers a major tipping point regarding repairs, although we remain puzzled by the consistent need to perform repetitive and major repairs to the Hudson. Are they the results of slipshod work prepping the Hudson for the trip? Are they the results of Heidi's over aggessive driving style as noted by Patrik, her traveling companion who quit after hinting at similar issues. Or both?

Nonetheless, the Hudson was "quarantined" ahead of its trip to New Zealand and beyond. After a teardown of the old engine, it was apparent the temporary repairs made through this point had, for all intents and purpose, failed. These photos of the magnetic drain plug and pistons speak for themselves. And no, those are not pistons with high compression domes. They are flat top pistons with a massive build up of carbon, a likely cause of the cracked piston in Heidi's hand.
A freshly rebuilt engine was air freighted to the shop where the repairs were made along with a new clutch, of modern design, a laundry list of other parts and an equally long list of additional repairs and fabrication work. There was a note in the translated text mentioning the new engine was supposed to have been in the car from the start and that the one which caused all of the problems had traveled 30,000 klm.
A Vine-like video reflected the above Australian mechanic at the overhaul shop also spoke fluent German

Parts were transferred from the old motor to the replacement after removal from the car. Then the new clutch, repaired transmission and similar other parts were installed. The translated notes indicate Heidi's insistence to re-use some questionable parts, such as the camshaft thrust bearing and timing chain. The shop owner made it very clear, none of these parts would be re-used.
John and shop owner Michael Martin completing the basic engine installation
John and Richard (AKA - Rat und Tat) two of the mechanics on the overhaul
One of the modifications to the cooling system was a "trumpeted" coolant manifold (above) vs. single rail (below)
All's Well That Ends Well
After the overhaul was complete and the Hudo road tested, it was brought to the docks in Melbourne for travel to New Zealand. Heidi went ahead by plane as the ocean shipment was delayed due to the holidays. We decided to use some humor as a close to this update, the reference to Heidi's Trip as a "Wild Ride" and in the spirit of our Aussie followers.