Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #22 - Part One

G'Day Mate!

After Taking a Slow-Boat From China, Here we go Again, Again, Again...
From Shop to Shop and a Toast to a Better Tomorrow!
In our last update, (#20)  we covered the second and equally unfortunate major engine failure, the repairs and a few of Heidi's scenic photos of Laos from atop a flatbed tow truck. We also posted a subsequent note from Heidi around the year end holidays as she awaited the completion of the repairs. Unfortunately, that was not the end of it. Between this stop and loading "Hudo" into a container headed for Perth, Australia, more repairs were needed. As noted in our previous posts, there are not a lot of details in Heidi's journal, so we have to piece together the story based mostly on the photos (or learn German to translate her audio posts), but as they say; a picture is worth a thousand words.

Bent bumpers, inoperative horn, cooling system woes, cracked exhaust manifold, wobbly wheels and the mechanical brakes all had to be repaired. Stress cracks were also beginning to show up in the body and frame. But the combination of talents and care from local repair people got Hudo back on the road.

It is Duct Tape or Duck Tape? Yes! Either way, it's a universal solution to emergency repairs
We hope that is a vacuum tank/water separator, not the fuel filter just below the flame of the torch
Haste makes waste - Heidi has been spraying water on the now split wooden spokes to make them swell.

The irony of this stop was Heidi's photo of a few Classics in a salvage yard. Although we remain unsure if it was the fact she unexpectedly found them in the middle of Thailand or if she was thinking of adding Hudo to the "collection". Heidi also managed to find and visit a car museum in Bangkok, the Jesada Technik (aka - เจษฎา เทคนิค มิวเซียม )
Welcome to Singapore

Despite being pulled into town by a "Thing" which seems to belong to the "Duck Tour" company, the local news was awaiting Heidi's arrival. Once the repairs were completed, "Hudo" was strapped into its container for the ocean voyage to Australia.
From Duck Tape to Duck Tours
Was the interview done in English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil or German?

In Part Two of this update, we'll cover Heidi's arrival in Perth and the remaining updates.