Driving the Dymaxion Back to the Future

The Wall Street Journal's Dan Neil had the opportunity to meet up with and DRIVE a replica built from Buckminster Fuller's blueprints. We covered the Dymaxion in a previous article about three-wheeled cars, so to get you "up to speed" here's an excerpt of that post:

"This vehicle has a rather colorful story, starting out with its quirky designer, Buckminster Fuller. As a design of the future, the prototype was assembled in a rented factory in Bridgeport Connecticut (former home of the Locomobile assembly plant). Like many "futuristic" cars, it received great attention. This exposure lead investors to their doorstep. Based on available information, Fuller, sent race car driver Francis T. Turner and the Dymaxion to pick up two British investor representatives from the airport. Everything was going well until the day they were being ferried back for their return flight.
The Dymaxion was involved in a highly publicized rollover accident immediately attributed to the car’s unconventional “reverse tricycle” design. Turner was killed in the crash while passengers Colonel William Francis Forbes-Sempill and Charles Dolfuss were seriously injured. A later inquiry would show the real cause of the impact was a collision with another vehicle (driven by a Chicago politician who wanted a closer look at the Dymaxion), which immediately fled the scene, but the damage was done. Flooded by negative publicity, Fuller and the 4D Company began losing both potential customers and investors."

Now the WSJ's Video of the Dymaxion in 2015