Breaking News - Owner of Missing 1969 Camaro Serves Hagerty Insurance With Lawsuit


In a previous guest post, by Bryan A. Shook, Esquire and founder of Vintage Automotive (a law firm dedicated to the Collector Car Marketplace) we reviewed the story of a Classic car owner who had their car taken away even though they had title to the car. Why? Supposedly because of a clerical error. (select the photo for a direct link to the article)
We learned of another almost unbelievable story today. In brief and according to the below video, after the owner filed a stolen vehicle claim with his insurance company, the insurance company declined the claim in the belief the car was sold and shipped to Australia. 

With many unknown details, we remain hopeful for a mutually satisfactory outcome between the owner of the Camaro and the insurance company. We also hope to learn more about the conditions leading up to the present so owners can better document the history of their Classics in an effort to prevent a similar situation from occurring. We will update our readers as details become available.