Remembering Another Classic

In Feb. '78 Texas Instruments created a new computer chip. 

For all of our supporters and friends at Atlanta Technology Village and beyond
The chip became the foundation for speech synthesis, which would eventually be used in the Texas Instruments Speak & Spell; a favorite toy of many of our members, readers and followers.


But before this new patented chip could have been invented, another team of scientists, developers and artists joined together to create the core technology driving almost everything digital we have come to appreciate.

This 1968 short shows some of the ways that Bell Laboratories scientists used computers in communications research. The film contains sequences of computer-generated movies, photographs, music and speech. The entire score and main title and credits of the film were produced on a computer - which seems like nothing today, as every film and video in modern production makes its way through a machine - but at the time this was radically early for computer graphics and music. (if the Bell Labs video does not display, please use this link to access)


Without giving some attention to the Speak & Spell itself. In 1976 a small team of engineers led by Paul Breedlove, with an initial budget of $25,000, completed proof version of the first console utilized TI's trademarked Solid State Speech technology to store full words. To relive a bit of your past, hit the play button.