Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #21

Heidi's Personal Message to Garagistry Blog Readers
Hello Dear Blog Friends,

it is so difficult to find again a net. I try everything and consume hours on laptop. This makes it also goes further than chronological. I'm already a week in Vientiane, capital of Laos. I do not want to withhold the photos of the beautiful route in the north of Laos, but the pictures do not go out. As a result, I get into arrears and do not know how to proceed. So I ask for your understanding.

Hudo waiting for piston rings, which are not delivered, because it is Christmas. Although no Christmas is celebrated here, but everything goes haywire. So we have to wait. This year we will be spending the holiday in Vientiane, where we have many friends because of the German Ambassador, Mr. Michael Gray us arrival has provided a sensational reception at the Lao / German engineering school and we are crossing many here Foreigners living have come to know. We have daily interesting encounters with the very friendly Laotians.

Hudo is safely housed and I enjoy the heat and already had a foot massage. Yesterday wedge Christian Bach, my companion through Laos and I in a German restaurant and beer have celebrated Christmas with sausages and meatballs with potato salad and Paulaner. Then we went to a Catholic church, on which it walked like a folk festival, fun, and not as reflective as at home. Sylvester is not crazy here and for the Lao New Year is not until early April.

If it since then continues in the new year, I plan to continue through Laos to drive yet to see Cambodia to the south and then enter to Thailand, although I see Thailand on the other bank of the Mekong already daily. I try it on with the photos for you and I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Heidi Hetzer