Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #20 The Knee Bone's Connected to the...


Well, it seems our past assumptions were accurate. The Hudo suffered major engine carnage. As the timing chain broke, three pistons,  connecting rods, the other engine bearings, the heads and numerous other related parts were basically obliterated. Heidi's visa ran out, so she in Laos and despite all of this is making the best of it.

Most of the other half of the bronze camshaft thrust plate was found in the oil pan. BTW, based on what we found, it's not supposed to be a two piece item. We found reference to the part in a date correct Hudson parts catalog with a picture. The image looks like the upper part in the picture with the missing lower part it it as a mirror image. Surmising things based on the engine parts page, the camshaft seems to have a flange which would have been pressed up against the thrust bearing by a cam button, which seems as it it would be attached to the camshaft drive gear.

The parts have started to arrive, but not all is well there either. The replacement piston rings do not fit the old pistons. Based on the text, the usable remaining pistons will be machined to fit the rings. The below photo does not clearly show the damage to the head, but apparently it is not repairable. Finding a replacement may add delay to the repairs.

Frankly, we have concerns regarding the integrity of the engine block after experiencing such devastating damage. Our experience is the damage could have significantly weakened the webbing and cylinder walls. And there is no mention of magna-fluxing any parts of the block. 

Additionally, if the engine was jolted to a full stop while spinning at several thousand RPM, the crankshaft might look OK, but there's a strong chance it too has been bent. Not enough for the human eye to discern, but reassembled the slight wobbling will literally destroy bearings. All of these things would be a considerable shame, so we hope the mechanics are "up to speed" on the workings of the engine.

So in the spirit of things, we wish Heidi "Godspeed".

If you are spending the holidays away from home and would enjoy some online diversion, here's a link to the site featuring all types of Hudson manuals and tech info.