Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #19 - Here We Go Again, Again


The top of her message read, "Beautiful impressions of China. Then suddenly a bang, timing chain".

If we are assessing Heidi's text correctly, the timing chain let go, "exploding" the front of the motor, peeling back the timing cover, the oil pan, destroying several other components, the radiator and throwing a damaged brass timing gear part onto the road. 
It looks to be a cracked in half/partial piece of the part that holds the camshaft in place
The Hudo was towed to the shop where a full tear-down is underway, but with no parts on hand and barely a week left to her visa and China license plate, we expect Heidi will have to leave China. If the damage is as significant as described, this could be the end of the trip...at least for a while.
OK, here's a small token of humor. Those engine hoists...made in China...you'll notice the hydraulic part that always fails...that we can't ever buy a replacement for...has been replaced