Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #18 - Poo Plate?

Somewhat hard to believe the last update was mid-October, but according to Heidi's technical supporters back in Germany, "Received we today 101 photos new". (That's what the literal translation said) Again, there's not much text just photos, so here goes.

As a part of her travel through China, Heidi was "provided" with a government supplied "guide", which she has identified as Mr. Wang. Based on what text was available, she is enjoying his company immensely.
After a very long delay entering China, all of the paperwork finally arrived. Heidi posted a picture of her "POO" temporary license plate, followed by another of a "high end latrine" as somewhat of a joke before forging ahead into the mountain passes...in the middle of a blizzard...with her snow tire atop the Hudo.
Photos depicted temps were sub-zero. The combination of temps, snow and ice forced Heidi to call for a tow. The few comments seem to communicate she was willing to risk the road conditions, but that the car's heater was pressed far beyond it's limits. The cabin temps remained well below freezing. And as such, all of her electronic equipment were failing, as did Hudo.

The flatbed took Heidi, Mr. Wang and the Hudo to a shop where the snow tires were installed before continuing.

Once over the top of the pass, the conditions became significantly better, but the steep roads and 90-year old brake system design provided for some rather dramatic white-knuckle driving at speeds far exceeding 100 Kph (AKA-Mr. Toad's Wild Ride). Probably a good thing Mr. Wang was along for the ride as Heidi's high-speed antics became widely noticed.
It seems Heidi is enjoying every part of the journey with numerous photo depictions of people locations, and food.
 That part about driving the wheels off this thing...

Until next time, Garagistry out.