Deja Vu - The Story of Kar-Kraft MKIV's and J-Car Resurrection

Garagistry is pleased to provide you with a complimentary "e-book" the story of the resurrection of the fabled Kar-Kraft MKIV's and J-Car

As the only American designed and built car to have captured the overall win in the famed French Vingt Quatre Heures du Mans (24 Hours of Le Mans) endurance race, these fabulous machines feature a unique monocoque honeycomb aluminum chassis (basically a 1960's supersonic jet fighter on four wheels), which qualifies the 1967 Ford GT40 MKIV as one of the most significant race cars of the 20th century.
Chassis #J-19 "J-Car" (L) and Chassis #J-17 "MKIV" (R)
Authored by Mike Teske, a driving force who took a dream and made it a reality to reproduce the fabled MKIV cars. We know you'll find the story and photos of "The Build" fascinating.

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